Bowler Ed
  • Bowler's Ed In-School Bowling Program
    This program provides free materials to educators so they can include bowling as part of their P.E. curriculum.

    Recently updated, the Bowler's Ed In-School Bowling program teaches the basics of bowling and includes fun fitness activities that integrate bowling with cardiovascular activities, spelling challenges, and even math!
  • Bowler's Ed Teacher's Curriculum
    This step-by-step guide shows teachers exactly how to teach bowling. The curriculum also incorporates math, spelling, geography, language arts and other subjects into bowling. Available in two formats: 3-ring binder or CD-ROM. Both include an instructional DVD.
  • Bowler's Ed Proprietor Kit
    This kit includes everything you need to partner with P.E. teachers in your local school district to bring bowling into the classroom.
  • In-School Bowling Equipment
    Official carpet lanes, balls and pins for the In-School Bowling Program. Special discounted pricing available for BPAA member centers. Equipment is available from Metro Ltd. Sports at 815-399-0655 or here.
  • To receive your FREE Bowler's Ed Proprietor Kit contact the Youth Department at BPAA, 800-343-1329.


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