About Bowling Proprietors Association of Connecticut

Our Mission

“The mission of CTBPA is to enhance the profitability of our members."


Our members Enjoy these Benefits

  • Conventions, Trade Exhibits & Meetings
  • Educational Programs and Services
  • Publications and Newsletters
  • Insurance Programs
  • Youth Tournament Programs
  • Group Buying Services
  • Music Licensing Discounts - (Pay 50% less)
  • Pepsi-Cola Rebates


Dues are charged on a per lane basis and are payable on a calendar year (January 1st - December 31st.) New members pay dues on a monthly pro-rated basis for the unexpired portion of the year. If there is a local bowling proprietors association in place, state (CTBPA) and national (BPAA) dues are paid through that local association.

Dues are as follows:

BPAA - $29.00 per lane

CTBPA - $21.00 per lane

Total Cost of $50.00 per lane

By taking advantage of our revenue generating and cost saving programs, many of our members see a Return On Investment that exceeds the cost of membership!

BPAA Pepsi Benefit

imagePepsi-Cola is the “official Soft Drink of bowling” with a multi-year beverage program customized to meet your needs, providing equipment, service, marketing and financial support to generate growth in member centers.

New Pepsi Deal

Collect your share of more than 6.5 million in rebates paid out each year to BPAA members! Members on the National Pepsi contract are eligible to receive:

  • Per-gallon funding on Pepsi-Cola fountain products
  • NEW Rebates on Cases of Bottles and Cans

Music Licensing (per lanes bed)


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